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I'm currently offering my art for the first round of the [ profile] help_japan auction.

Offer: fully coloured digital piece with maximum two characters and no background.
Starting Bid: $10.00
Link: my auction thread

Even if my art can't entice you to donate, there are lots of other amazing offers there. 8DDDD GOGOGOGOGO.
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I'm perfectly sane and normal. DDDD:

Rating: PG.
Warnings: Crossdressing. CanneDeBonbon's stupid daydream/fantasy that will never come true.

OMG, they're all COLOURED?! What's happening? )

Also, cream croquette tastes so goooooood. <3 *tries to stop self from making more*
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Rating: PG13.
Warnings: Moderate amount of crossdressing, inconsistent art style, proportion fail.

The later stages for ScribbleNauts are surprisingly difficult. )

Apparently vampire can pwn werewolves, ScribbleNauts told me so! And dinosaurs and dragons and chimera and Satan and GOD.
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