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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Sherlock, L4D2, MLP, Utapri.
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack, and more crack. Also unquality drawings.

I'm participating in the fandom charity auction over at Fandom-Helps. All proceeds in this round goes to Planned Parenthood. So you guys should totally hop over and look at all the amazing things people are offering right now! And this is my thread, where I'm auctioning a fully coloured letter-size drawing. 8DDD

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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Durarara!
Rating: PORN EVERYWHERE. Might as well post them before government destroys interweb.
Waring: Everything you'd expect from a NC-17 post.


Image heavy, and by that I mean there are close to 40 pictures )
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Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating: G
Warning: None

This is for my art entry for [ profile] pw_bigbang. It's based on the amazing fic Means to An End by [ profile] xtwilightzx. ^_^

Ahahaha I haven't draw anything AA for so long. :'D )
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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Hetalia
Rating: Varies from Gen to NC-17.
Warnings: Porn, crossdressing, genderbending. Cracky crossovers.

I'm too late for Christmas, so Happy New Year? 8DDD

Please blame the tardiness on PS3, Tales of Vesperia and the promise of playing as FLYNN. )

More are coming, slowly. *plays more PS3*
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Going back to Vancouver and staying over at [ profile] dark_viaticum's place for a month. 8D

fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney
Rating: So gen it's ridiculous.
Warnings: Crappy effortless sketches.

Between MCAT and packing and showing my relatives around town, I haven't done much. )

I'm not looking forward to sitting still for 5 hours with my injured back.
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Mom's flying over tomorrow, I don't know if I should be happy that someone will be feeding me and doing my laundry for a while or worried about hiding my, er, not-so-family-friendly drawings in case she feels like cleaning my room. Not that she's going to chew me out or anything (she knows that her eldest kid is a pervert), but I'd like to respect her sensitive nerves. XD;;

Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating: PG16, R??? I don't know.
Warnings: Genderbending, crossdressing.

Prompts from doodle request post.

EDIT: Re-uploaded belly dancer Edgeworth to fix some glaring mistakes. >_>;

I'm slowly working my way through the request list? 8D )

Two finals on Wednesday. Lalalalala what studying?!
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I need help here. Someone please teach me a way to procrastination. This kind of stress level is not good on my heart.

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek
Rating: PG13 for topless men.
Warnings: Really really horribly lame fashion statement, firearm drawing fail and crossdressing.

I know nothing about fashion; my regular wardrobe is just random t-shirts from the interweb. D: )

Okay, back to writing paper on the merits of fingerprint evidence.
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So yeah, meme from [ profile] trenchkamen.

Here are the (slightly modded) rules.

1. Reply to this meme by yelling "[your username here] LIKES PORN!", and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
2. Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.
3. Keep in mind that if I don't know you that well, your words might end up kind of odd or weird. (With me, they're always going to be odd and weird.)

Meme answer that comes complete with pictures. Non-plot-related spoilers for case 4 of AAI in my first response. )
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After you spent your whole morning doing online linear algebra labs, just want to spend your afternoon and evening drawing geeky pictures???

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek, The Demon's Lexicon
Rating: Totally GEN.
Warning: Some of the pictures are about as geeky as that Mythbusters Gorn cannon episode (point of interest: Grant's eyebrows).

Sound the nerd alert! Condition red!! )

Now I've got to start studying for my stats midterm. *sigh*
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So here's the rest of the art meme doodles. For [ profile] nonmagicpoet and [ profile] silversolo, and a bonus K/S doodle because I'VE BEEN WATCHING THE DVDs AND I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

Not a nerd not a nerd not a nerd. )

Okay, back to watching TOS episodes, because I really need to get to the pon farr one asap.

Also, I think I need a Star Trek icon.

EDIT: WHAT IS THIS. Apparently my f-list is filled with sci-fi geeks and I didn't know about it?! 8DDDD
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I don't have any new years resolutions to make (not that I would bother with keeping them anyway), but I do have lots of art? 8D

Fandoms: Ace Attorney, Axis Powers Hetalia, Toshokan Sensou (Library War)
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Edgeworth, UK/US, Doujou/Kasahara
Ratings: PG.

Rest of the Christmas requests that I just finished )

I'm going to go die on my bed now, as soon as the people upstairs stop making those banging noises. (I really hope they're not doing what I think they're doing. Urk!)
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After a week of drawing spree, I'm finished! Mostly. 8DDD

Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Kristoph, Gant
Rating: Various. Let's say NSFW to be safe.
Warnings: crossdressing, half naked men, fail!wolf anatomy... J-just keep an open mind.

I can't believe I coloured every single picture. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. )

[ profile] tellezara, you know where your picture is. 8DDD [ profile] xtwilightzx and [ profile] strawberrykaoru, you guys' picture will come later, b-because they're not Ace Attorney related? /biased.

Also, happy birthday [ profile] shadedfaith!
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I'm perfectly sane and normal. DDDD:

Rating: PG.
Warnings: Crossdressing. CanneDeBonbon's stupid daydream/fantasy that will never come true.

OMG, they're all COLOURED?! What's happening? )

Also, cream croquette tastes so goooooood. <3 *tries to stop self from making more*
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I think I'm one of the few smart asses in the world that can slam their own hands with a door while they're opening it. Trying to hold chopsticks when you can't move two of your fingers is a chore.

Ratings: Er, PG16? For half nekkidness.
Warnings: super-stalker!Phoenix and possible historical inaccuracies.

Ahhh all the glaring mistakes, they hurt. D: )

------- Rawr. -------

Ratings: PG
Warnings: sad attempt at CGing without line art.

Because Wicked is awesome. )

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Good thing I managed to hold the vomiting off until I was at school and had access to washrooms. And the thing is, I don't normally get sick on any kind of transportations. SWINE FLU.

Rating: PG13?
Warning: Half nude!Hobo, genderbent!Edgeworth. (.___.)a"

Hey guess what? No crossdressing! )

------ fandom switch ------

Pairing: Hikaru/Akira from Hikaru no Go
Rating: Gen.

OBATA'S ART IS TOO PRETTY. It hurts when I draw fanart for his stuff. )
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Rating: PG13.
Warnings: Moderate amount of crossdressing, inconsistent art style, proportion fail.

The later stages for ScribbleNauts are surprisingly difficult. )

Apparently vampire can pwn werewolves, ScribbleNauts told me so! And dinosaurs and dragons and chimera and Satan and GOD.
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