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I FOUND THESE ACTION FIGURES IN MY LOCAL TOY STORE FOR CHEAP SO OF COURSE I COULDN'T SAY NO TO THEM. I was disappointed that they don't have nu!Spock, but Spock Prime's just as nice. Though there would have been a lot more threesome pics if I had nu!Spock. And the next day [ profile] kamicom and Friend S came over for a sleepover. Obviously the first thing we do after taking them out of their respective packaging (which is a frickin' chore. I can't believe these things are for kids) is to undress them.

And by that I mean Kirk taking off Spock Prime's pants. McCoy so did not need the visual.

More photos under the cut, some more NSFW than others. )

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Because I won't have time to post anything tomorrow until late at night.

For those of you who requested something in the crappy valentines post, here they are!

Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Gintama, Supernatural, L4D2, Oofuri, PASWG
Rating: R, NSFW (maybe??? I don't know)
Warning: Chibi bits. MS PAINT.

The new and improved MS PAINT is actually sort of fun. )
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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Hetalia
Rating: Varies from Gen to NC-17.
Warnings: Porn, crossdressing, genderbending. Cracky crossovers.

I'm too late for Christmas, so Happy New Year? 8DDD

Please blame the tardiness on PS3, Tales of Vesperia and the promise of playing as FLYNN. )

More are coming, slowly. *plays more PS3*
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Mom left for Vancouver (and then China) yesterday so I have to start doing chores myself again. DDDD:

Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Star Wars (sort of), Hetalia
Rating: R? NSFW.
Warning: fandom cliches and overdone tropes, you've been warned.

*roasting cashews* )

My MCAT study guides, they're taunting me.
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How come I'm only finding out about this now? DDD:

My favourite song in their new album. SHIIIIIIINA RIIIINGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ♥♥♥♥♥ And true to the title, the song's exactly 3 minutes long.

Anyway, I've been art-ing?

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG16 for boob-groping
Warning: Genderbending, femslash and internal organ.

It's really not gory or anything. )

ANIME NORTH NEXT WEEKEND. Who's coming? I know there are Ontario/Canada-land people on my f-list. Let's meet up!! 8D
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After following Mom around for a few days (basically working as a free English-Mandarin translator for her while she's sorting out some stuff with houses and mortgage and I don't know some other crap), I finally found some free time to finish off a few more of those doodles that I promised you guys.

Fandom: L4D2, Saiyuki, DRRR!
Rating: PG13
Warning: None. Wow, I'm sort of surprised.

Prompts from doodle request post.

These are all fandoms that I'm not familiar with, so yeah, sorry if I totally sucked? )
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Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nekkid people? You guys should be used to this warning by now. 8D

NSFW, really. )

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I need help here. Someone please teach me a way to procrastination. This kind of stress level is not good on my heart.

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek
Rating: PG13 for topless men.
Warnings: Really really horribly lame fashion statement, firearm drawing fail and crossdressing.

I know nothing about fashion; my regular wardrobe is just random t-shirts from the interweb. D: )

Okay, back to writing paper on the merits of fingerprint evidence.
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After you spent your whole morning doing online linear algebra labs, just want to spend your afternoon and evening drawing geeky pictures???

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek, The Demon's Lexicon
Rating: Totally GEN.
Warning: Some of the pictures are about as geeky as that Mythbusters Gorn cannon episode (point of interest: Grant's eyebrows).

Sound the nerd alert! Condition red!! )

Now I've got to start studying for my stats midterm. *sigh*
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I know I should be more excited about AAI release, but it's haaaaard when you've already played it 13810398 times. Yeah for Edgeworth being tied up? MORE THAN ONCE? 8DDD Regardless though, I'LL BE THERE ON THE DAY OF TO PICK UP MY PRE-ORDERED COPY OF THE GAME.

Anyway, people up for some K/S valentine's day card?

Super pink and totally gay card, I gives you it! )

Also, I went in for my scheduled blood donation appointment today and um, apparently my iron level's too low. Damn, I blame it on all the non-stop nosebleed sessions that I've been having daily for the past weeks.
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After a week of drawing spree, I'm finished! Mostly. 8DDD

Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Kristoph, Gant
Rating: Various. Let's say NSFW to be safe.
Warnings: crossdressing, half naked men, fail!wolf anatomy... J-just keep an open mind.

I can't believe I coloured every single picture. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. )

[ profile] tellezara, you know where your picture is. 8DDD [ profile] xtwilightzx and [ profile] strawberrykaoru, you guys' picture will come later, b-because they're not Ace Attorney related? /biased.

Also, happy birthday [ profile] shadedfaith!
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50 signs that you are a shitty artist meme. )

And for evidence of the above...

Peek-a-BOO! )

To [ profile] dark_viaticum: I started watching Oofuri, on the 7th episode right now. AND GOSH THEM KIDS ARE SAYING THOSE THINGS ON PURPOSE, a confession of love that's CANON?! Abe/Mihashi, no question about it. And the coach woman is awesome, and her big boobs are more than a little distracting though... XD;;


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