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Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: So gen it hurts.
Warning: Crap writing.

This is for [ profile] ksadvent. Merry Christmas and have a super sappy children's story.

Candy writing children's book. )
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Title: Urgent Brain Bleach Required
Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG13
Warning: None. <-- I know right? So rare.

Did this for [ profile] happy_trekmas gift exchange. My recipient is [ profile] marlee813. Hope you like this! 8DDD

Merry Christmas! )
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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Hetalia
Rating: Varies from Gen to NC-17.
Warnings: Porn, crossdressing, genderbending. Cracky crossovers.

I'm too late for Christmas, so Happy New Year? 8DDD

Please blame the tardiness on PS3, Tales of Vesperia and the promise of playing as FLYNN. )

More are coming, slowly. *plays more PS3*
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Our family doesn't celebrate it, but for all those who do, hope you guys had/are having/will have an enjoyable time. 8DDD

Regardless, I'm going to take today off the internet and just read fanfics that I've loaded onto my eReader. Will be replying to stuff and posting art (yeah, I'm still not finished lalalala I'm so sorry but life has lots off distractions) soon when I feel less like lazing off.

Thank you to [ profile] xtwilightzx, [ profile] redconverse and [ profile] sidevocalist for your Christmas cards!
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And by "card" I mean a glossy 4x6" photo print, because I'm cheap like that. In case you're wondering, it's the drawing I drew for K/S Advent Calendar... so it involves Star Trek, Christmas and crossdressing. BUUUUUT, if that's not your cup of tea, you can request something that I can quickly doodle on the back of the photo.

So, if you want one, comment here with your address and I'll mail one to you? 8DDD Comments are screened.

AND IF YOU WANT TO GET ME SOMETHING TOO (that's always nice but absolutely NOT necessary), tell me and I'll PM you my address.

Appropriate candy cane icon is appropriate. I LIKE HOW MY USERNAME FITS THIS HOLIDAY SO WELL.

P.S. SCHOOL IS OVER IN ONE MORE WEEK. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. I can sleep more than 5 hrs a day now.
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Because last year ended up with so much amazing crack, I figure I should it again for Christmas this year.

Rules are basically the same, but with some slight modifications?

  • feel free to ask for anything from any fandom (though if I'm not familiar with it, aka not gay lawyers or space husbands, I'll need good reference pictures)

  • I'm also okay with non-fandom related requests. If you want me to draw your cat dancing with a tutu, go for it!

  • anything from GEN to SEXYTIEMS is fine with me, but be prepared for The SUCK (aka strategically placed hands/clothing/etc) if you did ask for porn.

  • you can be as vague as you want with your prompt. One-word prompts are go!

  • I like AUs and crossdressing? =D

All the drawings will hopefully be done and posted by Christmas. Requesting period will be closed, um, a couple of weeks before Christmas so I'll have time to get the drawings finished? LALALA SLOTS ARE FULL AND I'M SORRY.

SO ASK AWAY! Even if you've never commented/talked to me, I don't mind drawing stuff for you! Don't be shy.

The list so far... )
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After a week of drawing spree, I'm finished! Mostly. 8DDD

Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Kristoph, Gant
Rating: Various. Let's say NSFW to be safe.
Warnings: crossdressing, half naked men, fail!wolf anatomy... J-just keep an open mind.

I can't believe I coloured every single picture. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. )

[ profile] tellezara, you know where your picture is. 8DDD [ profile] xtwilightzx and [ profile] strawberrykaoru, you guys' picture will come later, b-because they're not Ace Attorney related? /biased.

Also, happy birthday [ profile] shadedfaith!
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