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Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: Gen??
Warning: Badly drawn crack.

I'm sick and there's snot everywhere and my nose hurts from all the tissues. DDDD': )

...Back to data analysis for my research project that I need to get done sometime this week.
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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Hetalia
Rating: Varies from Gen to NC-17.
Warnings: Porn, crossdressing, genderbending. Cracky crossovers.

I'm too late for Christmas, so Happy New Year? 8DDD

Please blame the tardiness on PS3, Tales of Vesperia and the promise of playing as FLYNN. )

More are coming, slowly. *plays more PS3*
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Have an 8am exam on combinatorics. Must scoot.

Title: Santa Claus and His Not-So Willing Helper Elf
Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Croooooossdressing.

Or should I say Mrs Claus? )

EDIT: Because people asked for it, here's the original size of the first drawing. Feel free to crop/resize it into wallpaper or other graphics of your choosing. Warning, IT'S REALLY GIANT.
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Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG.

I've accumulated a lot of Star Trek doodles. O_O;; )

Now I need to really work on all those Christmas requests and sending out caaaaaaards. Final exams? I CAN'T HEAR YOU.
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There's something seriously and horribly wrong with my computer. I just spent the last 2 hours trying to boot it up. Now that I've finally managed it, just barely, I found that my whole documents folder disappeared (along with a lot of other less important things). ...I've got two huuuuuuuge papers due the first week of November and all of my researches and reference articles are in there (haven't gotten a chance to back things up onto my external harddrive yet). FFFFFFFFF.

What the heck am I going to do now?

At least all my art files are intact. *starts backing up files*

After that, gonna try rebooting again and see if my files magically reappears. ;___;

Also, I've got more arts?

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG.
Warning: Total Bones OOCness. Borderline shota, but not really.

I guess it's better to have the problem now than next week right before my paper deadlines? ;__; )

And because badass Bones is badass...
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[ profile] startrekbigbang[ profile] startrekbigbang[ profile] startrekbigbang

Title: Streetlight People
Author: [ profile] ladyblahblah
Artist: [ profile] cannedebonbon
Mixer: [ profile] jouissant

[ link to masterpost ]

Artist's Comment: So [ profile] ladyblahblah's fic is amazing, go read it, all of you. My art does NOT do it justice, but I had a lot of fun drawing them. <3 And um, please ignore the fact that out of the three pictures I drew of Kirk, two of them involve his ass? PRIORITIES, I HAS THEM.

Also, the pictures are all scenes from the actual fic so they're mildly spoiler-y. Nothing big and serious. But if you're someone like me, who doesn't like to be spoiled even with the littlest detail, you might want to read the fic first before clicking the cut.

1 )2 )3 )4 )
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Going back to Vancouver and staying over at [ profile] dark_viaticum's place for a month. 8D

fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney
Rating: So gen it's ridiculous.
Warnings: Crappy effortless sketches.

Between MCAT and packing and showing my relatives around town, I haven't done much. )

I'm not looking forward to sitting still for 5 hours with my injured back.
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Mom left for Vancouver (and then China) yesterday so I have to start doing chores myself again. DDDD:

Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Star Wars (sort of), Hetalia
Rating: R? NSFW.
Warning: fandom cliches and overdone tropes, you've been warned.

*roasting cashews* )

My MCAT study guides, they're taunting me.
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How come I'm only finding out about this now? DDD:

My favourite song in their new album. SHIIIIIIINA RIIIINGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ♥♥♥♥♥ And true to the title, the song's exactly 3 minutes long.

Anyway, I've been art-ing?

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG16 for boob-groping
Warning: Genderbending, femslash and internal organ.

It's really not gory or anything. )

ANIME NORTH NEXT WEEKEND. Who's coming? I know there are Ontario/Canada-land people on my f-list. Let's meet up!! 8D
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I FINISHED. THEM REQUESTS. THEY'RE DONE. WHOOOOOOOOOOOP! It's only taken me a whole month? /fail

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek, P3, P4.
Rating: PG13
Warning: Crossdressing, horrible characterisation and really lame attempt at humour.

Prompts from doodle request post.

Mom still grabs the handlebar really hard when I'm driving. I FEEL THE CONFIDENCE. )

Now onto that genderbent K/S picture my brain's been shoving at me for a while.
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Wrote my toxicology final today. Let's just say that I can't possibly list 10 factors that affect drug concentration in breast milk? Lalalalala. >_>;

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: R?
Warning: Blasphemy.

Prompts from doodle request post.

So I did all the K/S ones first. SUE ME. )

Whoooooooosh. I really should go to sleep. Or play more Pokeyman. Either way.
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I need help here. Someone please teach me a way to procrastination. This kind of stress level is not good on my heart.

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek
Rating: PG13 for topless men.
Warnings: Really really horribly lame fashion statement, firearm drawing fail and crossdressing.

I know nothing about fashion; my regular wardrobe is just random t-shirts from the interweb. D: )

Okay, back to writing paper on the merits of fingerprint evidence.
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So yeah, meme from [ profile] trenchkamen.

Here are the (slightly modded) rules.

1. Reply to this meme by yelling "[your username here] LIKES PORN!", and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
2. Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.
3. Keep in mind that if I don't know you that well, your words might end up kind of odd or weird. (With me, they're always going to be odd and weird.)

Meme answer that comes complete with pictures. Non-plot-related spoilers for case 4 of AAI in my first response. )
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I know I should be more excited about AAI release, but it's haaaaard when you've already played it 13810398 times. Yeah for Edgeworth being tied up? MORE THAN ONCE? 8DDD Regardless though, I'LL BE THERE ON THE DAY OF TO PICK UP MY PRE-ORDERED COPY OF THE GAME.

Anyway, people up for some K/S valentine's day card?

Super pink and totally gay card, I gives you it! )

Also, I went in for my scheduled blood donation appointment today and um, apparently my iron level's too low. Damn, I blame it on all the non-stop nosebleed sessions that I've been having daily for the past weeks.
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So here's the rest of the art meme doodles. For [ profile] nonmagicpoet and [ profile] silversolo, and a bonus K/S doodle because I'VE BEEN WATCHING THE DVDs AND I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

Not a nerd not a nerd not a nerd. )

Okay, back to watching TOS episodes, because I really need to get to the pon farr one asap.

Also, I think I need a Star Trek icon.

EDIT: WHAT IS THIS. Apparently my f-list is filled with sci-fi geeks and I didn't know about it?! 8DDDD
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