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Title: The Melancholy of S'chn T'gai Spock
Artist: [ profile] cannedebonbon, [ profile] kamicom, [ profile] carouselcycles (inserts), [ profile] makowe_pola (guest artist)
Author: steamed-m
Pages: 46 (including 12 pages of fic)
Size: 8.5 x 11" (letter size)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jim and Spock are in Starfleet High. There are baseball players and cheerleaders and men wearing dresses. Yes, it's another one of those high school AUs.
Price: $12 ($15 in a package with 4 postcard prints: pick 2 from bundle A and 2 from bundle B)
Only pre-ordered copies are left. Sorry. :'D

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Title: The Melancholy of S'chn T'gai Spock
Artist: [ profile] cannedebonbon, [ profile] kamicom, [ profile] carouselcycles (inserts), [ profile] makowe_pola (guest artist)
Author: steamed-m
Pages: 46 (including 12 pages of fic)
Size: 8.5 x 11" (letter size)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jim and Spock are in Starfleet High. There are baseball players and cheerleaders and men wearing dresses. Yes, it's another one of those high school AUs.
Price: $12 ($15 in a package with 4 postcard prints, 2 by [ profile] cannedebonbon and 2 by [ profile] kamicom -- more details in the actual sale post)

Because we are selling this at Fan Expo before making it available online, we are taking pre-orders for those of you who:
1) Can make it to Fan Expo but wants signatures/doodles on the inside (so we can do it before hand and not take up forever of your time)
2) CanNOT make it to Fan Expo but wants to reserve a copy in case it gets sold out (I HOPE SO, but I seriously doubt it)

Pre-order thread will be open until August 24th. PRE-ORDER CLOSED. Official sale post is here.

[ profile] kamicom's pages.

[ profile] cannedebonbon's pages

Please reply in the comments if you're pre-ordering. Tell us whether you'll be picking it up at Fax Expo or not and make doodle requests if interested (if you do, please note that you are obligated to buy the doujin. I mean, you're not and we can't force you, but we won't like you very much if you don't). Thank you very much! 8DDDD

EDIT: For those wondering, we'll be shipping internationally (as long as Canada post can get to you, we will ship it).
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I have recently printed artbooks for my own K/S art and since I have two copies, I am auctioning off one of them.

This is the front cover of the artbook.

click here for more detailed information and photos )

Starting Bid: USD$40 (includes shipping)
Bid Ending Time: 7PM GMT on July 14th

That's all for my babbling and I hope this will interest at least some of you. <3
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[ profile] gulf_aid_now

The second round of auctions have just started and I'll be participating!

Speed sketch starting at $3.00.

Coloured CG starting at $8.00.

Com'on, you know you want to bid, or even offer something! Click the liiiiiiiiinks. 8DDD
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Recently received my second place prize from the Ace Attorney Tribute Contest, and um, I really don't need that second copy of AAI. Hence this post.

♠ Ace Attorney Investigations ♠
Price: $15 (shipping included)

Sparkly brand new copy of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth--not even out of the shrink wrap--along with a collector's box?

Also, more info on button badges and new AAI bookmarks. 8D )

Thank you for looking and hopefully I've successfully enticed you into buying something. Or if none of the things interests you, you can always commission me? /shameless plug
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I just got back from AE2009 and have a few things left over from artist alley that I'll be selling online--namely an Ace Attorney doujinshi and character bookmarks.


More details here. )

Thank you very much for reading through the post and hopefully there's something that interests you!
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How it works:
Contact me via comment/PM/email about your commission and I'll reply with a price and my Paypal account. After I received the payment, I will start on a rough concept sketch for you to approve. Once we have an agreement, I'll work on the final copy of the picture. You will receive a digital printable version (with at least 300dpi) of the picture in your email at the end and if I was to ever post the picture anywhere, it will be watermarked.

I will try to be timely with the picture and if you ever wonder about the progress of your commission, you can find me in all the ways mentioned above.

More details on the commission )
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This is the auction post for my 44-page sketchbook that's been fully filled with Ace Attorney fanart of various ratings.

Details on the Sketchbook
Pages: 44
Dimension: 14cm x 21cm
Characters/Pairings: Since it is [ profile] cannedebonbon's sketchbook, majority of the drawings are P/E. There are some Franziskas and a couple of Klaviers and Apollos.
Sample Images: Can be found here. Anything that's posted since January, drawn in pencil and has the approximate size of 500x700 pixels are most likely scanned from the sketchbook. If you're wondering if a specific image is in the book, feel free to comment and ask. =D (There are also some kink meme fills/responses in the sketchbook, but I'm not coming out for those. XD)

Now you've been thoroughly enticed or not, here are the auction details/rules.

How the auction works
**Please read before placing a bid to avoid confusion and mix-ups**
Starting Price: USD$40.00
Minimum Bid Increase: USD$0.50 (because it's just ridiculous if it's by the pennies)
Ending Time: Saturday, April 18th, 2009 @ 12:00pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) Countdown Timer
Payment: Paypal only.
Shipping: I'll ship anywhere Canada Post goes. And there will be no shipping fees as long as people are okay with me stuffing the sketchbook into a normal envelope and mailing it off that way.
Additional Rules:
- All bids will be made in the same comment thread under this post
- The comments are not screened, but I'll be deleting any bids that don't follow the rules
- Once you've placed your bid, you're committed to buying the sketchbook if/when you win. So please think about it before you place your bid. (It's not like I can penalize anybody on the interent, but it'll make my life much easier)

I think that's it. I tried to find a time that's convenient for everyone in different time zones, but of course, it's not perfect so I'm really sorry if someone has to wake up at ungodly hours for this. (Speaking from personal experience XDDD). So yeah, thank you in advance for bidding on my sketchbook and it's all CPACOM's fault that I'm so short on money. ;A; GOD THAT I WANT THAT TEA CUP.

If there are questions regarding the sketchbook or the bidding process, you're welcomed to comment here and ask me. =D

Aaaaaaand it's over. I realized this belatedly 2 hours later because I was busying doing last minute cramming for my upcoming final. D:
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I seem to be not able to make the decision by myself, so I've decided to come online and ask for everybody's opinion.

You know all my pencil sketches that I've been posting since... forever? Yeah, they're all done in one single sketchbook and I am just wondering if I were to auction that sketchbook, would anybody be interested? If yes, how much do you think people will actually pay for it?

That's one really awkward question. O_o;; But people will forgive me for asking this right? Since I'm honestly short on money because CAPCOM is sucking everybody's wallet drrrrrrry and I still need to get my printing funds ready for my artist alley table for a local anime con in June. ;A;

Some stats on the sketchbook:
- dimension 14cm x 21cm
- 44 pages unless I counted wrong
- every single page is filled -- mostly by me and one done by [ profile] flames05 (And she decorated the cover too. XD)
- some drawings are NSFW. At. All.

So yeah, I would really appreciate it if people give me feedback on this.

EDIT: Under [ profile] xtwilightzx's suggestion, she thinks it's better if I give an arbitrary starting price and have people's opinion on that. So um, I was thinking USD$20-30 *brick'd* do people feel that's reasonable? (I'm not experience with selling things online so I have no idea what the market price for these are.)
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I don't know how many people will be interested, but here goes nothing.

Our university's anime club is holding an art sale (organized by yours truly) and as part of the art sale, we have compiled a 09-10 calendar with art done by our club members. And since we're already selling it in school, it doesn't hurt to also sell it on the internet where there's a bigger audience? Anyway, the details are as follows,

Price: CAD$17 ea. + Shipping
Months: From September '09 to August '10
Payment: PAYPAL only
Shipping: ...I'll figure it out one day. Probably around $3-5?? Yup, unless you live in Canada, it's all international. (I'm sorry.)

To order, e-mail me at cannedebonbon [at] gmail [dot] com by March 31st. That's when I'm tallying up the orders and printing them. =D

Preview the calendar here. )
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