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Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Sherlock, L4D2, MLP, Utapri.
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack, and more crack. Also unquality drawings.

I'm participating in the fandom charity auction over at Fandom-Helps. All proceeds in this round goes to Planned Parenthood. So you guys should totally hop over and look at all the amazing things people are offering right now! And this is my thread, where I'm auctioning a fully coloured letter-size drawing. 8DDD

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I FOUND THESE ACTION FIGURES IN MY LOCAL TOY STORE FOR CHEAP SO OF COURSE I COULDN'T SAY NO TO THEM. I was disappointed that they don't have nu!Spock, but Spock Prime's just as nice. Though there would have been a lot more threesome pics if I had nu!Spock. And the next day [ profile] kamicom and Friend S came over for a sleepover. Obviously the first thing we do after taking them out of their respective packaging (which is a frickin' chore. I can't believe these things are for kids) is to undress them.

And by that I mean Kirk taking off Spock Prime's pants. McCoy so did not need the visual.

More photos under the cut, some more NSFW than others. )

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My entry for [ profile] ksvalentine. :'D

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: R
Warning: Mpreg (implied, not graphic), craaaaaaack.
Prompt: Bones is a third wheel when he's stuck on a planet out with Jim and Spock for Valentine's Day.

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Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG.

I've accumulated a lot of Star Trek doodles. O_O;; )

Now I need to really work on all those Christmas requests and sending out caaaaaaards. Final exams? I CAN'T HEAR YOU.
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Mom left for Vancouver (and then China) yesterday so I have to start doing chores myself again. DDDD:

Fandom: Star Trek, Ace Attorney, Star Wars (sort of), Hetalia
Rating: R? NSFW.
Warning: fandom cliches and overdone tropes, you've been warned.

*roasting cashews* )

My MCAT study guides, they're taunting me.
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How come I'm only finding out about this now? DDD:

My favourite song in their new album. SHIIIIIIINA RIIIINGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ♥♥♥♥♥ And true to the title, the song's exactly 3 minutes long.

Anyway, I've been art-ing?

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG16 for boob-groping
Warning: Genderbending, femslash and internal organ.

It's really not gory or anything. )

ANIME NORTH NEXT WEEKEND. Who's coming? I know there are Ontario/Canada-land people on my f-list. Let's meet up!! 8D
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I need help here. Someone please teach me a way to procrastination. This kind of stress level is not good on my heart.

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek
Rating: PG13 for topless men.
Warnings: Really really horribly lame fashion statement, firearm drawing fail and crossdressing.

I know nothing about fashion; my regular wardrobe is just random t-shirts from the interweb. D: )

Okay, back to writing paper on the merits of fingerprint evidence.
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Spent the past two days in the firearm training course out in the middle of nowhere, had to wake up at 5am everyday. Ugh. Now that I've passed the course with fucking perfect on the practicals oh yeah, I'll soon be the proud recipient of a firearms license. ...I'll try my best to not be a danger to society. 8D

What do you do when the instructor's demonstrating to other people the proper procedure for loading and unloading guns? You doodle like mad. I came home with a stack of 10+ doodles.

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG16???
Warning: Er, topless people.

Here are some that I've cleaned up and/or coloured. )

Okay, 1090850913 more assignments to go, and I'll be done this semester. ....DDDDDD:
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So yeah, meme from [ profile] trenchkamen.

Here are the (slightly modded) rules.

1. Reply to this meme by yelling "[your username here] LIKES PORN!", and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
2. Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.
3. Keep in mind that if I don't know you that well, your words might end up kind of odd or weird. (With me, they're always going to be odd and weird.)

Meme answer that comes complete with pictures. Non-plot-related spoilers for case 4 of AAI in my first response. )
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After you spent your whole morning doing online linear algebra labs, just want to spend your afternoon and evening drawing geeky pictures???

Fandom: Ace Attorney, Star Trek, The Demon's Lexicon
Rating: Totally GEN.
Warning: Some of the pictures are about as geeky as that Mythbusters Gorn cannon episode (point of interest: Grant's eyebrows).

Sound the nerd alert! Condition red!! )

Now I've got to start studying for my stats midterm. *sigh*
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And I don't exactly have a lot of time to play it, so I've only finished the 3rd case. But I've gone back to look at all the spoilery Gyakuten Kenji posts that I made in May last year when I first played GK, and found that the majority of it still ring true.

More spoilers for AAI. )

Fandom meme. Reply with "tag me" and I shall tag you with 3 of your fandoms? )

Anyway, I think an Ace Attorney/Star Trek crossover picture is in order. Edgeworth and Spock saying "logic is sexy"???
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I'm perfectly sane and normal. DDDD:

Rating: PG.
Warnings: Crossdressing. CanneDeBonbon's stupid daydream/fantasy that will never come true.

OMG, they're all COLOURED?! What's happening? )

Also, cream croquette tastes so goooooood. <3 *tries to stop self from making more*
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50 signs that you are a shitty artist meme. )

And for evidence of the above...

Peek-a-BOO! )

To [ profile] dark_viaticum: I started watching Oofuri, on the 7th episode right now. AND GOSH THEM KIDS ARE SAYING THOSE THINGS ON PURPOSE, a confession of love that's CANON?! Abe/Mihashi, no question about it. And the coach woman is awesome, and her big boobs are more than a little distracting though... XD;;
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Brother's going to UofT for university too and helping him pack isn't fun at all.

Genre: PG13
Warning: I love me some crossdressing, sorry. D:

My Giratina didn't reappear in my PC after I caught it with a pokeball. WRY. )

4th generation legendaries are um, rather useless and funny looking? Where are my good old Lugia and Ho-oh?! Heart Gold and Soul Silver are going to be the best things ever, beside the localizations of Professor Layton 2 and GK, obviously.
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I just spent a perfectly sunny Vancouver morning moped up in my make-shift bedroom finishing the last case of Gyakuten Kenji. AE merchandise whut?! I don't know what you're talking about.

This is the spoiler-free version:

You guys when the English version comes out we'll all need to fantard together, okay? OKAY? Pinky-swear! There are so many quotes in there that I need the canon English translations right now! So much men sex potential!

And here's the version with spoilers:

Agalsk;jdgaslkjas I can't believe it's finished will CAPCOM make GK 2? )

Anyway, that's GK. I'll now be waiting for the English release so I can properly build my headcanon. As hard as the localization team might try, I'm sure there will be some small discrepancies between the two version. It's just the language and cultural barriers that's making it difficult... and I'm really interested on how they're going to work with all the puns.

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I'm so sorry I'll post about something that doesn't contain spoilers... soon. Maybe.

Gyakuten Kenji is very addicting, like all the other Ace Attorney games. >_>;;

Spoilers Alert!!! )

I think I can probably finish the game tonight or tomorrow? And THEN I'll start working on AE stuff.... shuddup, not procrastinating!
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So Gyakuten Kenji comes out today in Japan.

I downloaded the ROM and played it on my R4 because I couldn't wait for my limited edition to be shipped over the Pacific Ocean.

I just started the second case and I already have a truck load of things to say. But for the spoilerphobes out there, I'll just say IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. All of Edgeworth's sprites have been re-drawn from the GS1-3 version and I have to say... I like Nuri Kazuya's version of him better. <3<3<3

And now onto the version with SPOILERS. )

I sort of need to work on my chibis... but GK is calling me.
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This is what happens if you read too many journal articles. D: Oh sanity, where art thou?

WARNING: (under the insistence of [ profile] xtwilightzx)

Journal of WTFery. 38 (2009) 59-63
The symbiosis between fandom and schoolwork in the human brain: a case study of a 19-year-old forensic science undergraduate.

A 'scientific study' done by yours truly. )

[ profile] cannedebonbon knows nothing about ecology, and it shows. Also, that thing up there is not proofread, so I don't know how much sense it makes. ...I-I'll go study for my midterm now. *hides from thrown tomatoes*


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